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  • Ground Pepper, Beans, Egusi, Ogbono and Okazi
  • Kill, Cut and Wash Fish
  • Sell and Clean Snails
  • Cut and wash Vegetables

We supply the following:

Local Snacks & Drinks
Akara (Fried Beans Balls), Moimoi, Eko/Agidi (Cooked Corn Meal), Puffpuff, Mosa, Kokoro, Local Peanut Butter(ose oji), Yoyo (Tiny Fried Fish) Aadun, Robo (Egusi Ball), Freshly Squeezed Juice, Zobo, etc.

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Market Days:
Friday - Sunday:
9am - 7pm

(Yellow Canopy) Waterfront, Wole Olateju Street, Opposite Akin Leigh Street,
Lekki Phase 1.